The Joy of Having a Clean Sensor

The Joy of Having a Clean Sensor

(Or, the PAIN of NOT having a clean sensor)

So, I normally shoot with pretty wide apertures. I like the bokeh. Usually, I don’t shoot above f/8 or f/11. When I went on vacation, most of my shooting was in the bright daytime sun, so to make […]

My Journey to CPP

I have been and am a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and the PPOk (Professional Photographers of Oklahoma) and have decided to begin my journey toward attaining certification as a Certified Professional Photographer. This will be my first step in attaining my Master of Photography degree.

This is something I’ve been […]

My Favorite Lenses

Well, it’s been a while and I do want to try to keep the blog current, so that’s my goal. I shoot Nikon D7200, so all lenses are Nikon mount and this is my own opinion and experience and is not a scientific comparison.

So, I purchased a new lens recently that I fell […]

Jumping into Sports Photography

A genre of photography I haven’t done before is sports photography. Not that I haven’t been interested, I just haven’t really had the chance – until now.

High school football season is upon us and I have been given the opportunity to get some experience with this particular type of photography by shooting Fort Gibson, […]

Me and Photography

Well, thank you for visiting and bear with me as I begin my journey into blogging about photography.

When I was about 14 with a Kodak Instamatic camera, I took pictures of everything I could and spent a lot of money on film and developing. That was back when I would buy a film cartridge, […]