A genre of photography I haven’t done before is sports photography. Not that I haven’t been interested, I just haven’t really had the chance – until now.

High school football season is upon us and I have been given the opportunity to get some experience with this particular type of photography by shooting Fort Gibson, Oklahoma football games.

So, some may think you just get out there and take photos, but I am finding there is much more to it than that. One of the most important things is to make sure you keep both eyes open when shooting and watch for the ball coming straight at you. And, what usually follows the ball is a 150 to 200 pound football player running after it – and possibly over you, which almost happened to me last week.

When shooting sports, you must learn to watch the play and try to anticipate where the ball may go and which player may have it, frame the shot, focus and shoot. It’s not as easy as it sounds as I’ve found out, but I’ve gotten some pretty good shots. You can see these in my gallery.