Sample Photo Prices

I am asked about the prices for my print and canvas products all the time. I, for one, never liked being trapped into any particular package and I don’t want to pay à la carte prices when I only want certain print sizes and/or canvases.

So, I decided to price my prints with a create-your-own package price. The way this works is simple – the more items you add to your package, the more you save off of the à la carte prices.

I am putting my à la carte prices here, with a sample create-your-own package. If you have questions, PLEASE contact me with any questions.

À la Carte Prices – Most Common Formats
Wallet (4)7.50
Print 5×710.00
Print 8×1020.00
Print 11×1435.00
Print 16×2055.00
Print 16×2460.00
Canvas 16×2099.00
Canvas 16×24115.00
Canvas 20×30199.00
Canvas 24×30225.00
Create-Your-Own Sample Package
4 – 5×7 Prints
3 – 8×10 Prints
1 – 11×14 Print
1 – 16×20 Canvas
À la Carte Price = $234.00
Create-Your-Own Package Price
$93.60 Savings

The prices above are only sample prices. Actual pricing may be different than the sample prices above.