About Me

I love being able to capture a moment and share with others to make special memories. I have been photographing since I was 16 years old and loved it from the very first moment.

I started with a fully manual 35mm camera with 3 lenses, a flash gun, a light meter and a desire to create. I used that camera to photograph, well, anything. However, I did strive to improve my craft and shot some portraits, sports and a wedding here or there for film money. I did this up until I married my high school sweetheart and had children.

I put the camera down for several years except to take photos of the kids, vacations, school plays, etc. The normal stuff parents photograph. Then, when the children flew the nest, I decided to get serious again and purchased a Nikon DSLR and a lot of glass (lenses). I shot mostly for family and friends to get my feet wet again, then upgraded my camera body and eventually bought another.

In 2015, I decided to make it official and Chris Cummings Photography, LLC was born.

When the Muskogee Little Theater moved into their new building, I began shooting their dress rehearsals for their shows. These may be viewed on this gallery by visiting the Muskogee Little Theater gallery.

My business model is to deliver a quality portrait at an affordable price.

Thanks again.